John Bell Pipeline Management 2016

John Bell Pipeline Management Team

John Bell Pipeline and supply partner Victaulic will be exhibiting at the Topsides UK exhibition at the AECC from 16-17th March 2016, STAND 27. The company will be showcasing products they have recently invested in that assist increased productivity and long term cost-saving, due to decreased downtime for installation and maintenance.

The show focuses on extending the life of aging topsides installations and provides SME’s a platform to showcase their cost saving initiatives. This is a key opportunity for John Bell Pipeline to showcase their involvement within the Topsides supply chain and how they are working to supply innovative products to meet the demands of the UK Topsides supply chain.

Core6 Composites is the most recent product offering from John Bell Pipeline. Core6 GRP is a Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic which comes in the form of grating sheets, structural profiles, handrails & ladders, stair tread covers and gritted plates. Core6 Composites does not corrode like its alternative substitute steel. It is therefore longer-lasting and attractive to those looking for long-term use and benefits from a product.

Partnering up with Victaulic over 10 years ago, John Bell Pipeline are the sole distributer in Scotland for Victaulic piping systems to the Oil & Gas industry. Victaulic’s product can be installed up to 30% faster than traditional welding or flanging, can save both space and weight over flanges and require no hot works or expensive x-raying of joints. John Bell Pipeline provide training on grooving the pipe and installation techniques so this can be done offshore to the exact requirements.

John Bell Pipeline have been established in the UK Oil & Gas supply chain since 1976, their core supply originated in pipeline equipment such as pipe, fittings, flanges and valves. Over the years John Bell Pipeline have diversified their product offering and have adapted to the changing demands of the Oil & Gas industry.

Topsides 2016

Come and visit us at STAND 27 for more information on the products and services John Bell Pipeline offer. Or visit our website or email with your enquiry.