LVF  John Bell Pipeline stock LVF Gate, Globe and Check valves to complement their existing pipe, fittings and flange products. John Bell Pipeline now holds a comprehensive stock of 1/2 inch – 2 inch LVF Gate, Globe and Check valves in class 150, 300 and 800. Carbon steel and low temperature carbon steel valves are available…

Ball Valves

Supplying all industries such as Hydrocarbons Explorations and Production, Chemical & Refining, Pulp & Paper and also the Water & Sewage treatment services.

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Floating Ball are offered in both Full and Reduced Bore, 150 – 600lb Raised Face Flanged. Manufactured as one or two-piece design they are fully compliant with international standards and Firesafe certified.

Butterfly Valves

Supplying such industries as Bulk Fluids and Aggregates within the drilling and offshore service sector. Fire Protection applications within deluge and ringmains and Pulp, Paper, Water Treatment, Sewage, Food and Beverage services.

All materials, classes, ratings and body types are available from stock and are compliant with all international standards.

Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves John Bell Pipeline Equipment Co. Ltd offer the complete range of Knife Gate Valves from its Aberdeen stocking facility supplying various industries with valves either manually operated or by actuation. Historically Knife Gate Valves have been widely used in the Pulp and Paper industry but John Bell Pipeline Equipment Co. Ltd now…